The Project

Copyright 2020 Jenny K. Hager

Who We Are/Project Mission

Who We Are

“The Creatives,” are an artist collective of Jacksonville, FL, that emerged from a Creative Capital training, in 2016, which was supported through the Community Foundation of Northeast Florida and the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville. Together, we are hosting a national “Call to Artists.” This project is being spearheaded by Caitlin Flynn, Jane Griffo, Jenny K. Hager, Mal Jones, Deborah Reid, D. Lance Vickery, and Ithiell Yisrael. (“The Creatives”).

The Idea

“The Creatives” are launching a collaborative projection and sound event. The idea is to create thought-provoking work which provides a critical response to current events, lifting it up as an opportunity for civic discourse and engagement – using the arts to bring people together to share ideas and create dialogue through art. 

The Project

The Project, titled “ArtWork(ers) United,” will be a one day event with projected poetry, images, video and amplified sound (all pre-recorded and also livestreaming). The outdoor location is at the University of North Florida, Parking Lot 18. We hope to include a diverse group of artists, with a diverse range of media. The ideas behind the work are a response to our world today and are intended to create an essential dialog. In addition to the “movie style” art event we are also using this as an opportunity to remind people to vote as well as help people register to vote.

Statement of Inclusivity and Message

Because of the nature of this project, “The Creatives” steering committee will determine the final selection of works that are to be included in the project. While we intend to be as inclusive as possible, we will not allow hate groups or hate messages to infiltrate our efforts.


  • Friday, September 4th (extended deadline) – Submissions Due (No late submissions will be accepted, because we require a window of time for editing all of the files together).
  • Friday, September 25th – Event/Performance (8 pm -12 am) will be held at the University of North Florida, Parking Lot 18. The event will also be live streamed.